Are you interested in being empowered from conception to motherhood? To rock your life as a new mother. Natural Birth and Motherhood will teach you everything you need to know to prepare you for an empowering natural birth.

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Welcome to Natural Birth and Motherhood.  My name is Chris and I am the founder of Natural Birth and Motherhood.

My passion is to empower, educate and inspire women and their partners throughout their pregnancy, birth, and motherhood experiences. To create a space for them to go, where they can receive the best information and support from an amazing community.

I believe in making quality childbirth education accessible to all women. And online is one of the most exciting places in the world to do this.  It is an honour for me to connect, encourage and train our community.

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Exercise in pregnancy

If you have been exercising before you became pregnant, it is generally okay to continue to exercise once you are pregnant. Exercise in pregnancy is a great way to stay healthy and prepare you mentally and physically for birth. As always, check with your caregiver as to your particular circumstances. Once you have been given …

Birth Classes

Redesigning our birth classes

We asked you what you wanted to see in your birth classes and you told us. We are now working hard to redevelop our childbirth education classes just for you.

Our courses will cover all manner of topics on empowering pregnancy, birth and motherhood. So, don’t miss the launch of our classes.
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