what makes us different?

what makes us different?

Having spent decades working in private enterprise, I understand the stresses that you face every day. Juggling work, home and the joys (and sometimes not so nauseous joys) of being pregnant can be tough.  I understand that your time is valuable.  And I treat your time with respect.

A cut above…

I am passionate about proving you with the cutting edge skills, tools and ideas you need to prepare for an empowering labour and birth. By the time you have finished our courses, you will be ready for labour, confident and secure. I can bring you such an empowering course because I am schooled by the best of the best and have undertaken extensive research.

More than the boring hospital run courses…

Natural Birth and Motherhood classes are not your traditional boring hospital run class toting the line of hospital policy.  I approach antenatal classes from a different angle.  I teach you the skills you need to be present, in the moment, and to trust your instincts and intuition.  To harness the strength that is inside of you. And to instinctively labour and birth.

You learn about your anatomy and how to efficiently and effectively work with it during labour and birth.  You just need the right information and support.  And you’re on your way to your empowering birth. And that’s where Natural Birth and Motherhood comes in.  I am here every step of the way.

When can you start…

Whether you are 6 weeks pregnant or 6 months pregnant, you can start as early as you like in the course.  There is no fear that you’ll forget what you have learned, as your membership is open for a full 12 months, so you can come back and redo your favourite modules or the entire course if you want.

We look after the birthing partner too…

I also focus on the birthing partner.  In traditional antenatal classes, a lot of focus is understandably on the mother.  I understand that the poor birthing partner runs the marathon as well but doesn’t receive the strength of the naturally occurring hormones that drive the birthing mother.

The birth partner can often be left feeling distressed and frightened at seeing their partner in the intensity of labour and birth.  Often pictures of the birthing mother and her birthing partner right after birth, shows a woman glowing and energised.  It does not give away any of the exhausting work her body has just undertaken.  Whereas, in the same photo, the birth partner can often look worn and exhausted, like he has just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

F for flexibility (and fun)!


We are completely online.  We listened to you when you said you wanted convenience and have taken our courses online. There are no mad dashes across town to try to make a face-to-face class that is at an inconvenient time for you.  Or driving for hours just to spend an entire day stuck in a classroom. Convenience plus!


We want you to have a good time while you learn! We’ve added some laughs to the lactation, conversation with the contractions and playfulness with your pelvic floor.

You don’t have to force yourself to sit down and read for all eternity. The course is interactive, with a mixture of engaging videos, audio bytes, short stories, and insights.


Whether you’re 6 weeks or 32 weeks pregnant, or even if your bub is already two months old (and you’re thinking about a natural birth for your next pregnancy) it’s always the right time to dive in and get informed on the nitty-gritty of natural birth and motherhood.

Without the need to physically attend workshops there is no inconvenience to you, your work or your family. Spend as much or as little time as you like completing all or parts of the course you choose. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, it is completely flexible and completely up to you. You can start your course wherever and whenever you like. All you need is access to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Comprehensive evidence-based eCourses

Our eCourses are the resource you’ve been looking for to help you prepare for and birth your sweet baby normally and naturally.

We walk you through the entire process of preparing for a natural childbirth at your own pace.  There is no risk of us going too fast or too slow, as you control the speed of the content.  You have full access from day 1.

Evidence-based comprehensive courses

Our eCourses are evidence-based. We look at current birthing practices and research and share real-world advice and skills so that you can bring your baby comes into the world naturally and safely. Our primary focus is on getting you trained – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We aim to equip you with the information, tools and support you’ll need to birth your baby without unnecessary medical interventions.

We are there the whole way

From the initial reality check of what a natural birth looks like (hint: it’s not like the movies), all the way through to postnatal care including breastfeeding and general motherhood. We fully invested in ensuring your birth is an empowering experience to give you and your baby the best start to your brand new relationship.

We believe that knowing and understanding your options changes everything. That’s why we are here – to make quality childbirth education accessible for the 21st-century woman who needs to juggle it all.

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