R U Ok?

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As I dropped my children to school they were handing out wristbands for the R U Ok? day.  Of course, what came with that was the smiling question R U Ok? To which I noticed the answer was always a cherpie, Yes, R U Ok? A giggle and people moved on. Continue reading “R U Ok?”

A positive attitude towards caesarean birth

A positive attitude towards caesarean birth
The emotional impact of a caesarean birth can have a greater impact than any actual surgery. Some mothers feel disappointed in themselves. Feel guilty. They were looking forward to a vaginal birth and had trained for it. Only to have that taken from them and end up with a caesarean. Some women elect for c-sections from the outset. Only to be bullied about their decision.

Your thoughts after caesarean and having a positive attitude toward how your birth played out, is the first step towards healing. So I’m laying out my opinion. As controversial as it may be on this site! But, it’s my opinion, and I don’t expect you to agree with it. I just ask you respect it.
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