5 signs that you are in early labour

5 signs early labour
You have finally made it to 37 weeks and your caregiver has told you that you are full term and anytime from now, labour may begin. After waiting 9 months to meet your little one, these last few days or weeks can seem excruciatingly slow. As each day, you wake up and wonder if this is the day you’ll meet your baby. But be prepared, you could be waiting another 5 weeks, as some babies aren’t born until the 42nd week.

We discuss the 5 top signs that  true labour has started… Continue reading “5 signs that you are in early labour”


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From the moment you conceive, your amazing body is growing a little human. From fingers to toes. Eyelashes.  A circulatory system.  A heart that is going to love you more than you can imagine.  What an amazing job you and your body are doing. Continue reading “#WisdomWednesday”

Breech Babies

breech babies
It is normal around 36 weeks to have an appointment with your pregnancy clinic for a general check-up. It is at this appointment that your caregivers will check the ‘lie’ of your baby. So what happens if your little one is in a breech position (feet down)? How do you get your baby to turn on its own? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Breech Babies”