Informed choice: the third stage of labour

Third stage of labour
The third stage of labour is the period after the birth of your baby and until you birth your placenta.  In technical terms, it will also continue until all bleeding (if any) is controlled.

A lot of women don’t consider this stage of labour to be important.  You will be surprised by the number of women who have not consider their options, for the third stage of labour, before their birth.
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Demystifying Childbirth Stations of Presentation

Demystifying childbirth stations of presentation
It is unlikely you have ever heard the term “foetal station” or “your baby’s presentation” before your first child (unless you’re an OB, midwife or childbirth educator).  But it is a term you will definitely be familiar with by the end of your first birth.  Although, it is not unheard of for women to come through birth and still not know what it truly means.  So here’s the quick low down!
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Be prepared, breastfeeding can be difficult

Be prepared, breastfeeding can be difficult
Even parents who have taken good quality childbirth education classes can be surprised at their baby’s habits in the first few weeks after birth and how difficult to can be to establish breastfeeding.

From sore, cracked bleeding nipples to a gorgeous baby that just won’t attach, your baby’s sleeping and feeding habits are likely to be so different from your own.  And they are nothing like what the media depicts!

Having an ingrained message of what is ‘normal’ in your mind may only lead you to disaster.

Read on for some excellent tips.
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