Things to consider in deciding the right third stage of labour for you

We have previously discussed your choices in the third stage of labour. Whether you want an actively managed labour or an expectant or physiological third stage. As you know, here at Natural Birth and Motherhood, we are all about choice. In this Blog we will discuss, things for you to consider in deciding what is right for you.

Actively Managed Third Stage

In you’re choosing an actively managed third stage – you may want to consider:

  Whether you are at risk of postpartum haemorrhage? Previous history?

  Are you having a multiple birth?

  Whether you intend to have pain relief drugs during labour?

  Do you want to collect stem cells?  If you are wanting to collect as many stem cells as possible from the umbilical cord – you will want an actively managed third stage.

  It’s your choice! Is your preference for the delivery of the placenta to be over as quickly as possible?

Physiological Third Stage 

If you’re choosing an expectant or physiological third stage – you may want to consider:

  Are you intending on a drug-free labour and want to continue it the whole way through?

  Do you want your baby to receive as much of the cord blood as possible?  In this option, the cord stops pulsing before it is cut.  Or you simply don’t cut it (Lotus birth).

  If your little one is premmie, it may help to reduce the risk of jaundice or anaemia

  You don’t mind how long it takes – after all, your new baby will be your sole focus

  You are concerned about the risk of retained placenta.  Please note that having a physiological third stage doesn’t prevent the retained placenta from occurring.  It can still occur regardless – which is why your midwife will inspect your placenta after the birth.  But a physiological third stage does prevent retained placenta occurring as a result of ‘controlled cord traction’.

If you would like a really in depth read on this topic, you should take a look at this Sarah J Buckley article.

Good luck with your choices.

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