Creative pregnancy announcements

You are finally pregnant. Yay! You’ve waited a long time for this moment and you tried really really hard to fall pregnant.  Boy, did you work hard to get pregnant! 😉

So, finally the time has come to make your pregnancy announcement – but how?  This is your one shot to make the announcement.  Once the news is out there, you don’t get the opportunity again. Well, not with this pregnancy.

In an age where social media is the new way to communicate on mass, making your pregnancy announcement is a great time to let your creative juices flow, use your imagination and your sense of humour.

But if you’re stuck for ideas, then fear not.  We’ve hunted high and low for the best posts on how other parents-to-be have broken the news to friends and family.


Whether you’re announcing to the world by telling a sibling or you’ve concocted your very own cool Diet Coke advertisement.  A growing trend seems to be very creative videos.  Some of these pregnancy announcements are quite elaborate and would take an enormous amount of creativity and time – not to mention editing!

A letter to Jack: Stacey Ilyse photography


Whether it’s your first baby or you’re trying to include a sibling there are some pretty creative ways to announce your little secret.

Creative pregnancy announcements
Creative pregnancy announcements
Creative pregnancy announcements

And there is always the old fashioned way of shouting it from the rooftop, which can be just as much fun – especially if you have waited a long time and tried really hard for this little bundle!!


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