Happy Children Make Happy Parents

It is no secret that most parents wouldn’t trade being parents for all the riches in the world. But that doesn’t stop them worrying about keeping their children healthy and happy, and that can make parenting a tough job!

As a parent, your mind is always going in circles, thinking whether you are providing your children with the best care or not. Should they go to bed earlier? Are they eating healthy? Are they learning enough? The questions and worry never ends!

A healthy child is a happy child and since happy children make their parents happy, the route to your own happiness lies in your child’s happiness. A lot of a child’s attitude can come down to diet.  A balanced and healthy diet can help curb tantrums caused by sugar spikes or diet related lethargy. Ensure that all their meals are healthy and balanced. This means that there should be sufficient amounts of all the nutrients, including protein-rich foods, carbs, healthy fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables in their diet.

happy parents happy children

Healthy fats

When we say healthy fats, we actually mean fats that are good for your child’s health, such as the omega-3 oils. These fats are involved in the healthy development of your child’s brain. Your child’s brain consumes an immense amount of energy when compared to the rest of his or her body.  And the more energy for proper brain function, the healthier and happier your child will be! Think of salmon and avocado as a great source of those healthy fats.


Next, comes the vitamins, including A, which your child will need for healthy eyes and good vision. If they love having carrots, then they will be getting enough vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene.  However, excess Vitamin A can cause toxicity.  So be sure to stay within the ‘Recommended Dietary Allowance’ guidelines for children.

Then there is vitamin D, which helps your child develop strong bones while vitamin C will keep their gums and teeth in good condition. Protein will be required for general growth by your child while the carbs will help fill them with the energy to play and be active. Fibre from fruits and vegetables will keep their digestive and immune systems healthy.

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