Natural Birth and Motherhood: What we do and how we do it

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If you are reading this, you might be wondering what we at Natural Birth and Motherhood do and what makes us stand out from the rest.  If that is indeed the case, then read on to find out everything you need to know about Natural Birth and Motherhood.

Who are we?

Natural Birth and Motherhood is the third baby of founder Chris.

Chris’s road to all things pregnancy, birth and motherhood started in 2010 when she discovered she was pregnant.  At that time, Chris was working as a lawyer for one of the best firms in the country. This meant hours were long and free time was scarce.

Like many of you who are pregnant and trying to hold down your job, Chris found it impossible to attend the traditional childbirth education classes at night.  There was no way she had the energy after a long day at work nor did she have the luxury of committing to a childbirth educator’s schedule (they told her what day and time she was to attend for 6 weeks).

There had to be a better and more flexible way for working women to prepare for their birth. After all, birth is an experience that doesn’t come along every day.  Chris searched high and low for an online course that could prepare her for the type of birth she wanted and couldn’t find one.

A lightbulb moment, and Natural Birth and Motherhood was born (pun intended) ;-).

What do we do?

Our main aim is to empower you through your pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. We truly believe that knowledge is the most amazing gift anyone can receive.  With knowledge comes empowerment and confidence.

By providing you with leading childbirth education we aim to empower you to have the birth you deserve.

How can we be reached?

Ready to empower yourself for birth and beyond? Simply sign up to our of our courses here or contact us at

Hi! Natural Birth and Motherhood is about empowering women who are going through the stages of pregnancy, birth, or motherhood.  Find out more useful information on related topics by clicking on the Blog button below.

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