The truth about bodily functions after birth

Women really are amazing creatures when you think of what we deal with through life! So let’s talk about the yukky bodily functions women contend with post birth.

Let’s assume you’ve had a natural birth. The 3 main things you are going to have to contend with post delivery is Pee, Poo and Blood!

Your first pee

Okay – you can’t hold it in forever. You know the first pee just after you have pushed a bowling ball out your most delicate parts isn’t going to be friendly. But, the hospital isn’t going to let you go home until you do a wee.

Pee is acidic. So, grab a jug of water and pour it over your vagina as you pee.  It will dilute your urine and not sting as much. This is especially the case if you received stitches or a slight tear during birth.  You will be grateful someone told you to do this.

Your first poo

Will be the… most… terrifying event of your life. Even more terrifying than the birth itself! Made even scarier if you have had a severe tear or given yourself more haemorrhoids than you ever thought possible while pushing your baby out.

Have lots of fibre in your diet, but be careful, some fibre crosses the breastmilk. Great if your new baby is constipated. Not so great if you have to clean up the poonaumi you have just caused.

Ask your caregivers about something like Movicol. It will help keep your bowel movements a little softer.  Also, when you sit on the toilet, get a toddler step to raise your knees to your chest. It will make things easier for you.

Typical bleeding post birth

Okay, you may not want to know this, but boy will you bleed post delivery! It’s not so much about the volume, but more about how long it keeps going for!

After all, you need to get rid of all that that lining that developed during pregnancy. And, your blood volume increased 50% during pregnancy.

Now it’s not the same for everyone. And I’ve had women tell me that they have bleed postpartum, anywhere from 10 days up to 4-weeks. I feel for those who suffered the 4-week run.

However, generally, in the first few days after birth, your blood loss will seem like a heavy period and be bright red. At around day 3 or 4 it turns more watery or pinkish. And by day 10 it is all but a bit of discharge.


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