How to have a natural birth

A natural birth is a wonderful thing because it doesn’t involve any drugs, constant monitoring, or intervention from strangers, even if they are the medical staff.

If you want a natural birth for your first child, then here are some things that can help:

Have a toolkit of coping mechanisms

Applying coping techniques during labour will help you deal better with the mental challenge and physical pain you will experience. Since it will be your first time giving birth, you won’t know what will work for you and what won’t. That’s why a toolkit is important.

For instance, some women find that walking and squatting through contractions can help them through the process. For others, meditation works better. You will have to experiment to find what helps you.

Water in and water out

You already know that staying hydrated throughout the birthing process is important. If you are following that advice, then you will need to keep going to the bathroom.

Bathroom breaks each hour can be a good thing because it will get you on the move. When you walk, your pelvis will flex even more than it already is. Also, the baby’s head putting pressure on your cervix helps you dilate.


Movement is important in terms of changing positions as well. At times, changing position can help speed up labour. Once a contraction has ended, take a deep breath, and try kneeling or settling down on a birth ball, or even getting down on your hands and knees.

Calm, rhythmic breath

Breathing techniques are also important at this stage. It doesn’t matter exactly which technique you apply. What is more important is how your body relates to the way you are breathing.

Focus on how you breathe when you are happy and not stressed out. That is how you need to be breathing during labour.

Last words…

If at any stage you feel as if you need external sources of pain relief, do not shy away from asking for it. Your baby’s health and your own are more important than having a completely natural birth!

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